Introducing the face behind Little Deer Studio

Something a little different today - I thought it was about time I stepped in front of the camera and showed you the person behind the business as well as a little glimpse into my studio!

I'm keen to do some more videos in the future, so if there is something you'd love to see or questions you'd like me to answer, let me know!


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  • Lisa Palmer on

    Hello, Diani. I love your intro video! Being all the way over here in Missouri, USA. I don’t get to see you in person. This is perfect! I love the journals and other products I purchased from you. And as one artist to another, I love receiving your emails and reading your posts. What a wonderful connection across continents.

    Here’s to no time for boredom! Lisa

  • Jan McMahon on

    Thanks for sharing your interesting work, Diani. Do you ever do workshops? I remember making paper beads with you quite some time ago. That was great!! Keep up the good work. Love your products. J x

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