Mother's Day Stories

With Mother's Day getting closer, I've had many customers shopping for gifts for their Mum.

Last weekend, I had a lovely gentleman come in to buy a notebook for his mother.  He told me she was 92 years old and still quite active, walking 5km every morning as well as riding an exercise bike and lifting small weights at home!  He spoke of her so fondly and it was such a lovely and inspiring story to hear. She sounds like an amazing woman.

Then there was the little girl who told me how much her mother liked to draw and sketch, and then shooed her mother out of my stall so she could pick out a notebook to give to her on Mother's Day!

It's stories like these that are the reason I love my work so much. It's not about the books themselves, but about how they'll be used, and the way they help to connect people.

Mother's Day card and gift from her son

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