New Gratitude Journals now available

Have you tried gratitude journalling?
Lots of folks are getting into it and finding that it really does help reduce stress and shift your overall mindset to a more positive way of thinking.

I have had several customers tell me they have been amazed at how much more content they feel generally when they've been using this technique for a while.

What is gratitude journaling?

The idea is that you regularly write down the things that you are grateful or thankful for. You might choose to write just one thing every day, or 5 things each week. Make a little ritual out of it - choose a time when you can relax for a few minutes without being disturbed.  Pick a place to sit such as a pretty spot in the garden or your comfiest living room chair, settle in with your favourite cuppa, and write what it is you are grateful for that day.  Doing this exercise really helps you to focus on the positive things in your life, and the more often you do it, the more effective it is.

You can use any note paper or even little cards to record your entries, but I think having a dedicated journal helps keep your entries together (so you can look back over them easily) and makes it that much more special.  And a pretty book helps inspire you to write as well!

If you're keen to try gratitude journalling, I've just released some new little books which would be perfect for getting you started.

red gratitude journal

green gratitude journal

turquoise and purple gratitude journal

inside yellow gratitude journal

Each one of these is handcrafted using beautiful Nepalese handmade papers, and has 20 sheets of handmade elephant dung paper inside. The binding is done with natural hemp twine using a traditional Japanese stab binding technique, and the books are embellished with my own hand-rolled paper beads and a secondhand button.

They're a handy size (approx 9cm x 15.5cm) for carrying in your bag or coat pocket.

I make these books to order, so as with most of my products, if you don't see the colour you're after in the shop, just email me and I'll arrange a custom one just for you.

The gratitude journals are now available in the online store and from my market stall.

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