New Market Stall coming soon!

It hasn't all just been about making books in the studio this month. I have also been busy with another huge project - a brand new market stall setup!

My current setup is fine, and I get a lot of very positive comments about how great it always looks, but after many years, the old table setup is starting to bore me a bit. It lacks that real "wow" factor I feel. Not only that, but it always feels a bit awkward to me being behind my table serving customers, and having that barrier between us.

Little Deer Studio table stall at the Brisbane Planner Market

I've been wanting to revamp my market stall setup for quite a while, and have been doing lots of brainstorming and thinking and designing for months.  Coming up with something that not only displays my products well and makes browsing and shopping easy for my customers, but also can be constructed on a limited budget and transported in my car without too much hassle, certainly proved quite the challenge!

I want to create a space that feels really welcoming, and invites people to come in for a closer look. I love the idea of a space that feels like a proper little shop, with little treasures waiting to be discovered on the shelves.

This month, I finally started putting my ideas into action. With some help from my Dad, I have spent many many hours sawing and drilling and screwing and sanding, and finally this week, have finished the painting!

tools ready to start building

drilling shelf holes

testing shelves

painting doors

painting sign

It is all coming together really well and I'm so excited to give it a real-life test run!

I still have a few bits and pieces to finish off , but fingers crossed, it will be ready for debut at Davies Park market this weekend!

I can't wait to share the finished result with you!


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