New Naked Notebooks - DIY journal cover!

I am really excited to be releasing something new and a little different this month!  


Perfect for all you creative souls who want the chance to fully express your individuality and have a journal that is as truly unique as you are!

My naked notebooks are exactly that - they have no outer coverings or decorations on the cover. Just a perfectly raw, blank canvas that you can dress up any way you want!

naked notebooks in a range of sizes
You could fill it with Zentangle doodles, cover it with fabric, go nuts with washi tape, paint a masterpiece, or cover it in a collage of magazine cut outs.  The choice is yours!

And of course, like all Little Deer Studio products, these Naked Notebooks are totally eco friendly, made from 100% recycled board and paper.

The Naked Notebooks are available right now in A4, A5 and A6 sizes, but of course, you can order any custom size you want up to A3!

See the range of Naked Notebooks in the online store

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