New Note Boxes!

I am really excited to be telling you about these little beauties!

As many of you know, I've been selling handmade elephant dung paper noteboxes for several years, and they are one of my most popular items, especially at this time of year because they make such wonderful gifts.

In the past, I purchased the blank boxes already made, from a fair-trade certified organisation.  I then designed and created the decorative covers on the lids.  Due to problems with the quality of supply and limitations regarding colours, I have been wanting to do away with this process for a while now and create the boxes entirely myself.

Well, I am very pleased to say that after many hours of cutting and folding and pasting, and lots of trial and error, I now have such a design!

Meet my new range of Bohemian Soul noteboxes...

handmade note boxes by Little Deer Studio

They are a similar shape and size to the old noteboxes, but with a much neater finish and elegance about them.  They are made from 100% recycled board, covered inside and out with beautiful fair-trade Nepalese handmade papers.  Each one is filled with individual sheets of creamy-white handmade paper which has a wonderful texture but is easy to write and draw on.  The ribbon makes it easy to lift out the notepaper sheets.



The thing I love most about these boxes is that I can make them in any colour, so you're sure to find one to match your decor, and if you don't see your favourite colour combination listed in the shop, just get in touch and I'll create a custom order just for you!

To see the range of noteboxes currently available visit the online store or come along to one of my market stalls.

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