Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make all your paper?

Some of the paper I use to make my books is my own handmade paper, but not all of it.

I tend to use my own papers for the patchwork book covers and other smaller items. I also use papers that are handmade by other people.

I recently purchased some larger papermaking molds so I can make larger sheets of paper, and I hope to start using more of my own papers in all my notebooks.

It's worth noting that papermaking is a very enjoyable, but very time-consuming process, and I would not be able to make as many books if I only used my own papers, so I will probably always use a mix of materials in my work.

But I am always very selective about the papers I buy and only source genuine ecofriendly handmade and recycled material.

The paper I use for the inside pages is recycled paper that I source here in Australia.


Do you do custom orders?

Yes I do!  I love creating something special and unique for my customers!  Visit the Custom Orders page for more info.


Is tracking included with shipping my order?

Yes!  All orders, including international orders, are shipped as parcels with tracking for your peace of mind. Your tracking number will be emailed to you when your order is fulfilled.


Do you offer gift wrapping?

Items you order for gifts can be shipped directly to the recipient - just make sure you put the recipient's name and address details in the shipping section when you checkout. 

I will use a special gift tag when I wrap the items, and your message is handwritten on a little note that gets tucked inside.

example of gift packaging