About Little Deer Studio

There is something magical about a handmade book that can stir the senses and inspire the imagination.

The texture of the handmade paper, the feel of the stitching, the smell of the ink, the sense of connection to the maker, the promise of the empty pages and wonder about what stories and images those pages may one day preserve...

But Little Deer Studio is about so much more than just beautiful handmade books...

fancy green spiral notebook

It’s about giving you the space to take time out. Time for you - to slow down, to reflect, and just "be".

Whether you want to express yourself through art or writing, remember an amazing holiday, preserve treasured family recipes, or simply reflect on events of the day, it's about focussing on what's important to YOU. It's about celebrating and embracing YOUR life.

Creating YOUR own story.

And because all of my journals and notebooks are handcrafted using recycled and sustainable materials, they're not only good for your soul, but good for the Earth as well.



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